Persian Rugs Inspired Gift Ideas

Our Amazon Selection of Best Presents for Traditional Persian Culture Lovers

Explore below unique gift ideas that celebrate the craftsmanship and storied history of Persian rugs. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and elegance with our cool collection of Persian rug-inspired gifts.

We tried to select each piece with a connection to the rich heritage and intricate artistry of Persian culture, to bring a touch of timeless beauty to your home or the lives of your loved ones.

Small Persian/Oriental Inspired Gadgets

Oriental Persian Thermal Transfer Carpet Mouse Mat

Persian Carpet Mouse Mat

PC-Table Mouse Mat - Inspired by traditional Persian hand-knotted wool carpets. Base material is a natural rubber.

Farvahar of Iran Persian Gift Pendant

Farvahar of Iran Persian Gift Pendant

Make a statement of national pride with this cool and eye-catching Iranian Pt Farvahar necklace. Crafted from metal and bedecked with the ancient symbol, it's the perfect gift for a Persian lover.

Oud Bakhoor Variety Box & Burner by Dukhni | Islamic, Eid & Ramadan Gifts | Arabian Oudh Incense Set with Candle Incense burner| 20 pcs arabic bukhour incense bricks, 10 mixed scents | Home fragrance

20 pcs Oud Bukhour incense bricks

10 different fragrances of Oud Bakhoor containing 2 pieces of bakhoor each + Rainbow Exotic Burner & tealight candle

Bottle Opener Keyring - Purple Persian Rug

Purple Persian Rug Bottle Opener Keyring

Photographic Keyrings with Persian inspired motif! This keyring is modern and sleek, ideal to add a bit of personalisation to your keys.

Bottle Opener Keyring Vintage Persian Paisley Print

Vintage Persian Bottle Opener Keyring

Simple but effective Persian inspired keyring, ideal for gifts or just to remind you of your favourite hobby or place.

Persian Paisley Keyring - IP02 - Pretty Flowers 14378

Persian Paisley Pretty Flowers Keyring

Persian motif inspired keyrings - ideal for gifts or just to remind you of your favourite hobby or place. The keyring is double-sided.

Bright Mandala Indian Persian- Keyring

Bright Mandala Indian Persian Keyring

Indian/Persian motif inspired keyrings - ideal for birthday gifts. Hard wearing and durable, ideal for your stack of keys.

Persian & Oriental Design Cushions & Pillow Cases

Smooffly Turkish Cushion Cover 18x18 Inch, Vintage Persian Oriental Turkish Carpet Pattern Double Sided Square Pillow Case

Smooffly Vintage Persian Oriental Cushion Cover

Pillow Case made of 50% cotton and 50% linen natural material,no peculiar smell,will decorate your house,it is luxury ,breathable,durable and stylish.

Persian Carpet pattern Lumbar Cushion Cover

Persian Carpet pattern Lumbar Cushion Cover

The cushion cover is 12 x 20 Inch, 30 x 50cm (Please allow 1~2cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing.)

HOSTECCO Kilim Cushion Covers 45x45 cm Pack of 4 Vintage Tribal Cushion Cases Persian Ethnic Decorative Pillow Cases for Couch Sofa

45x45 cm Persian Ethnic Decorative Pillow Cases

These decorative pillowcases are ideal for decorating both indoor and outdoor, such as your living room, bedroom, garden, patio, lawn, sofa, bed, couch, car, office, balcony, library, cafe.

Persian & Oriental Vintage Blankets

Rain Queen Kilim Rug Indian Rag Rug,Bohemian Throw Blanket for Sofa Chair Cover Tablecloth, Large Traditional Boho Throw Blankets for Hallways,Living Rooom, Bedroom

Rain Queen Kilim Bohemian Style Throw Blankets

This throw is light and soft, can be used for Day bed cover or throw blanket for a chair, or for Outdoor Picnics, Camping use.

RAIN QUEEN Kilim Rug Indian Rag Rug,Bohemian Throw Blanket for Sofa Chair Cover Tablecloth, Large Traditional Boho Throw Blankets for Hallways,Living Rooom, Bedroom

RAIN QUEEN Kilim Rug Indian Throw Blanket

Boho/ Indian Style Cotton Quilted Bed Throw Blanket.Carefully woven to ensure softness, rich texture and durability. 

DECMAY Double-sided Throws for Sofas Large,Boho Sofa Bedspread Throw Blanket with Tassels,100% Cotton Throw for Sofas,Bed and Armchair,Orange,150x200CM(60×80In)

Double-sided Boho Large Throw Blanket with Tassels

It can be used to cover sofas, beds, armchairs, or simply as a blanket, for sitting and lying down, outdoor picnics.

Persian & Oriental Design Rugs

Vamcheer Vintage Area Rugs for Living Room - Traditional Extra Large Washable Soft Short Pile Rugs for Bedroom Classic Carpet for Kitchen Office Dining Room Non Slip Non Shedding, 160x230CM, Navy Blue

Vintage Extra Large Area Soft Short Pile Rug

Unlike traditional rugs that can only be dry cleaned, the Vamcheer vintage bedroom rug is machine washable.

NETLINE HOME - Machine Washable Area Rugs for Kitchen, Bedroom, Hall, Living Room, Kid Room - Traditional Turkish Rugs – Classic Oriental Design Carpet (200X290 CM)

Classic Oriental Turkish Design Carpet (200X290 CM)

Produced in Turkey using woven carpet with various styles. Fabric woven from cotton, polyester chenille and jute yarns. 

Traditional Bordered Rug Oriental Floral Design for Living Room Bedroom Lounge Soft Quality Classic Rug Cream Red Large 160x225 cm

Traditional Bordered Oriental Rug - Large

This rug features a combination of classic Persian patterns, silky texture and classy red, blue, terracotta and cream tones. Size: 160x225cm

cozily Vintage Traditional Oriental Rome Style Anti Fatigue Turkish Mat Washable Jute Backing Round Area Rugs for Hallway Kitchen Living Room Office Bedroom Aisle Corridor (120x120, Red) Visit the cozily Store

Vintage Traditional Oriental Round Area Rugs

Discover the timeless beauty of Traditional Rugs. Each rug is crafted with precision, showcasing the perfect blend of traditional design and modern durability.

Persian/Oriental Culture Books, Notebooks & Stationery

The Mirror of My Heart: A Thousand Years of Persian Poetry by Women

The Mirror of My Heart: A Thousand Years of Persian Poetry by Women

From Iran and India, to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, from princesses and entertainers to anonymous wives and daughters, The Mirror of My Heart displays the extraordinary breadth of women writing in Persian. 

Persian Poems (Everyman's Library POCKET POETS)

Persian Poems (Everyman's Library POCKET POETS)

Still little known in the West, Persian poetry offers extraordinary riches. Hardcover – 29 Sept. 2000

Persian Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters

Persian Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters

Persian literature is amongst the most beautiful and inventive of all cultures, offering a joyful read of creation, love and conquest.

Persian Grove Journal (Diary, Notebook)

Persian Grove Journal (Diary, Notebook)

The cover design of this elegant journal reproduces a 16th-century binding of mystical Persian poetry.

Persian Mosaic Journal (Diary, Notebook)

Persian Mosaic Journal (Diary, Notebook)

Striking Persian Mosaic Journal reproduces a detail of the royal mosque Isfahan, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and crown jewel of Persian architecture.

Blue Ballpoint Pen (Black Ink) - Vintage Persian Paisley Print

Vintage Persian Paisley Blue Ballpoint Pen (Black Ink)

Awesome Blue Ballpoint Pen. Great for social promotion. Quality printed design.

Carpet Cleaning Products

BISSELL SpotClean | Portable Carpet Cleaner | Lifts Spots and Spills with HeatWave Technology | Clean Carpets, Upholstery & Car | 36981 | Black/ Red

BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner

Features HeatWave Technology: maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process

Vax SpotWash Spot Cleaner | Lifts Spills and Stains from Carpets, Stairs, Upholstery | Portable and Compact – CDCW-CSXS, 1.6L, Red

Vax SpotWash Spot Cleaner - 1.6L Red

With two cleaning attachments designed to tackle stains and mess on different surface types, VAX SpotWash is suitable for use across carpet, upholstery, stairs and sealed hard floors.

Vanish Carpet Cleaner + Upholstery, Power Foam Shampoo, Large Area Cleaning, 600 ml, Clean and refresh your carpet, Carpet cleaner - Spring Flower

Vanish Carpet Cleaner + Upholstery, Power Foam Shampoo - Spring Flower

Removes 3x more pet hair & odour vs. vacuuming alone. Specially designed carpet foam shampoo cleans pet messes 1st time & helps prevents remarking.

Persian Rugs Origins and Historical Significance

The origins of Persian rugs date back to ancient Persia, now Iran, over 2,500 years ago. The earliest known example, the Pazyryk carpet, discovered in a Scythian burial mound in Siberia in the 1940s, dates back to the 5th century BCE. This discovery highlighted the advanced state of weaving and the aesthetic complexity of Persian rug design even in ancient times.

Persian rugs were initially crafted for practical purposes, to cover the floors of the nomadic tribes of Persia. Over time, they became a symbol of wealth, prestige, and artistry. By the time of the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE), Persian carpets were renowned throughout the ancient world, valued for their intricate designs and superb craftsmanship.

Evolution of Design and Technique

The evolution of Persian rugs over the centuries has been influenced by cultural exchanges, historical events, and technological advancements. The designs evolved from simple motifs inspired by the natural surroundings of the weavers to more elaborate patterns featuring floral designs, animal figures, and geometric shapes. The introduction of Islamic motifs after the Arab conquest of Persia in the 7th century added a new dimension to rug designs, incorporating calligraphy and motifs inspired by Islamic architecture.

The Mongol invasion in the 13th century and the subsequent establishment of the Ilkhanate introduced Chinese influences, such as cloud bands, dragons, and phoenixes, into Persian rug designs. The Safavid dynasty (1501-1722) is often considered the golden age of Persian rug making, with the establishment of royal workshops and the introduction of silk threads and gold and silver filaments, elevating the craft to unprecedented levels of artistry and luxury.

traditional agra carpets

Agra Rugs

Mughal-inspired, intricate floral designs, rich deep colours, fine wool, from Agra, India, since the 16th century.

bahktiari rug

Bahktiari Rugs

Handwoven by nomadic tribes in Iran, bold patterns, vibrant colours, garden motifs, durable wool, since the 19th century.

baluch persian rug

Baluch Rugs

Tribal, geometric designs, deep blues, reds, earth tones, wool, handwoven by Baluch nomads in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

bijar persian rug

Bijari Rugs

Known as "Iron Rugs" of Iran, tight weave, heavy, durable, intricate designs, deep reds and blues, since 19th century.

traditional gabbeh carpet

Gabbeh Rugs

Simple, primitive patterns, thick wool pile, vibrant natural dyes, handwoven by Iranian nomads, since late 19th century.

hamadan persian rug

Hamadan Rugs

Diverse designs, sturdy, geometric patterns, medallions, vibrant colours, wool, from Hamadan region of Iran, since ancient times.

heriz persian rug

Heriz Rugs

Strong, geometric patterns, central medallion, durable wool, rich reds and blues, from Heriz, Iran, since early 19th century.

isfahan persian rug

Isfahan Rugs

Fine, intricate patterns, silk and wool, sophisticated floral designs, vibrant colors, from Isfahan, Iran, since the 16th century.

kashan persian rugs

Kashan Rugs

Elegant floral designs, high-quality wool and silk, rich colours, precise craftsmanship, from Kashan, Iran, since the 17th century.

kerman persian rug detail

Kerman Rugs

Luxurious, detailed floral and garden designs, soft wool, pastel to rich colors, from Kerman, Iran, since the 15th century.

kilim persian rug details

Kilim Rugs

Flat-woven, no pile, geometric and tribal patterns, bright colours, wool, traditional in Turkey, Iran, and the Balkans.

malayer persian rug details

Malayer Rugs

Small to mid-size, intricate motifs, predominantly dark blue and red, durable wool, from Malayer, Iran, since the 19th century.

mashad persian rug details

Mashad Rugs

Large, intricate floral designs, deep reds, blues, soft wool, from Mashad, Iran, central medallion, since the 19th century.

nain persian rug

Nain Rugs

High knot density, fine wool and silk, intricate floral and medallion designs, light colours, from Nain, Iran, since 20th century.

Qashqai rug

Qashqai Rugs

Bold, tribal patterns, vibrant colours, handwoven wool, produced by Qashqai nomads in Iran, since the 19th century.

qum persian rugs detail

Qum Rugs

Luxurious silk, fine knotting, detailed floral and medallion designs, vibrant colours, from Qum, Iran, since early 20th century.

sarouk persian rug detail

Sarouk Rugs

Dense pile, floral motifs, rich reds and navies, durable wool, from Sarouk, Iran, handwoven since the late 19th century.

senneh persian rugs detail

Senneh Rugs

Fine, tight weave, intricate geometric & floral designs, high-quality wool, from Sanandaj (Senneh), Iran.

tabriz persian rug detail

Tabriz Rugs

Diverse designs, fine wool or silk, intricate patterns, large medallions, from Tabriz, Iran, rich history since the 15th century.

joseph joe rugs persian carpet expert AI brighton SEO

Joe Rugs - Carpet Expert

Hello! I'm Joseph Rugs, the founder of and your guide through the intricate world of carpets. Born and raised in London with a deep-rooted passion for art and culture, I've explored the globe to bring the rich tapestry of carpet weaving right to your screen. My academic background in arts and humanities from Oxford has fuelled my curiosity, leading me to uncover the stories behind every knot and weave. As a family man, my adventures are shared with my loved ones, enriching our lives with every piece of art we encounter. Join me as we explore the beauty and craftsmanship of carpets together.

Persian Rugs Care & Maintenance

Rug Cleaning Mastery and Solutions to Common Damages

Understanding the proper techniques for rug cleaning is essential for maintaining their beauty and longevity. Regular vacuuming is a key step in preventing dust and dirt accumulation. However, deeper cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning or dry cleaning, are necessary for removing stubborn stains and embedded dirt.


Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, is particularly effective for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.


For delicate rugs, dry cleaning with special powders or solvents is advisable.

persian rug vacuum cleaning
Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean and fresh, selecting the right vacuum cleaner is crucial. Factors to Consider →

cat sleeping on a persian rug - urine cleaning tips
The Essentials of Pet Carpet Cleaning

Pet urine on carpets is a common issue that requires immediate attention. It's not just about unsightly stains; pet urine can also leave a lingering odor. Read More →

flea powder - baking soda for persian rugs
Homemade Flea Treatments for Carpets

Homemade flea treatments for carpets offer a natural and cost-effective alternative to commercial products. Read More →

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning Persian rugs involves gentle care. Regular vacuuming without a beater bar is essential.

For stains, use a mild detergent mixed with water and gently dab the area. Avoid using harsh chemicals and excessive water, which can damage the rug's fibres.

For thorough cleaning, professional rug cleaning services are recommended.

Persian rugs are special for their rich history, unique designs, and intricate craftsmanship.

They are hand-knotted with great skill and often take months or years to complete.

The designs of Persian rugs are culturally significant, often inspired by Persian art, history, and nature. They are also known for their durability and high-quality materials like silk and wool, making them valuable and long-lasting.

Persian rugs often symbolize the cultural, historical, and artistic heritage of Iran. The motifs and patterns in these rugs can represent a variety of themes, including prosperity, happiness, and stories from Persian folklore. They are also seen as symbols of luxury and sophistication, reflecting the artistic skill and tradition of the Persian weavers.

Persian rugs are valuable due to their intricate handcrafted designs, high-quality materials, and cultural significance. The labor-intensive process of hand-knotting, combined with the use of natural dyes and fibers, results in a product that is not only beautiful but also durable. Antique Persian rugs, especially those that are well-preserved and have historical significance, are highly sought after and can be quite valuable.

The main differences between Persian and Turkish rugs lie in their origin, design, materials, and knotting techniques. Persian rugs are from Iran and often feature intricate floral motifs with silk inlays, while Turkish rugs are from Turkey, known for geometric patterns and tribal designs.

The best Persian rugs are traditionally made in regions of Iran known for their rug-making heritage, such as Tabriz, Kashan, Isfahan, and Qum. Each region has its unique style and weaving techniques, contributing to the overall quality and design of the rugs.

A real Persian rug is hand-knotted, and you can see the knots on the back of the rug. The design on the back should be as clear as on the front. Authentic rugs often have slight imperfections and variations in color due to the natural dyes and handcrafting process.

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